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Technique doesn't just happen. We make it happen!

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HoD to Participate in NYC Dance Parade

May 20, Tompkins Square, NYC, USA

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Welcome to our Website

The House of Dance is first and foremost a dance studio dedicated to instilling the love and passion for dance among its students and members of the community. It provides training in various dance genres such as ballet, jazz, street dance, tap dance, contemporary dance, break dance and Polynesian dances.

The House of Dance hopes to entice both the young and the young at heart to view dance and the performing arts as productive, mentally-stimulating, fun-filled, as well as spiritually and emotionally uplifting activities worth their time.

The House of Dance is a member of the Conseil International De La Danse (CID), the UNESCO official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.

This website contains information on our class offerings, workshops, performances, and faculty. Keep coming back for the latest updates on our activities!

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