The Director

Mirella G. Clarete

Mrs. Clarete is an HRD practitioner and learning styles specialist by profession – but dancing has always been her greatest, lifelong passion. The House of Dance is a product of that same passion and love.

The Dancer

She started her classical ballet training in the 1960's while she attended St. Theresa's College, San Marcelino. There, she learned ballet under the guiding hand of Felicitas Radaic, of the present Radaic School of Classical Ballet. She was one of two young students who played St. Therese, the Little Flower of Jesus in the ballet "Canticle of Love," which Ms. Radaic choreographed. She also received dance training from Alice Reyes and was in the corps of Ms. Reyes' ballet, "Te Deum".

Mrs. Clarete continued her dance training even after college. While in Hawaii on a graduate program scholarship from the East West Center, Honolulu, she studied jazz, international dances, and traditional hula. Mrs. Clarete also took modern dance classes with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company whenever she had time off from her work as a research intern at the UNDP in New York.

The Managing Director

Mrs. Clarete believes that dance training must be made affordable so that those who have the talent or who would like to acquire some training, but are not financially able to do so, can be given their chance to learn dance. She also believes that dance teachers need to bring out and enhance the development of a dance student's individual style.

Mrs. Clarete has also staged several House of Dance recitals since the studio first opened. Under her care, the House of Dance has become a member UNESCO'S International Dance Council (CID) and is one of the contacts of the International Dance Organization in the country.

As Managing Director of the House of Dance, Mrs. Clarete organizes benefit dance shows for various charitable organizations. These shows included Samurai, featuring the Masashi Action Machine of the Jazz Dance World Congress for handicapped children under the care of the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence; Crossovers in Iloilo City, for the benefit of children with cancer; and Halu-Halong Indak, for Cottolengo Filipino.

Mrs. Clarete is also responsible for ensuring continuing training and performances of the House of Dance Company. She requires her senior students and teachers to attend in-house training in various dance genres under the sponsorship of the House of Dance. She also encourages her faculty to attend dance training provided by other dance institutions. She hopes that her teachers will be able to train the next generation of dance teachers and/or dancers, and build their own dance schools in the future.

The House of Dance, through her initiative, has supported the training of two of its teachers in the JDWC, Chicago, and three of its teachers in street dance in California. Three of the House of Dance's ballet teachers are now in the training stages to become accredited teachers under the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB), Philippines under Ms. Vella Damian.

The Company was the first Filipino group which, upon the invitation of the Nagoya City Council, represented the country in the 2008 Nagoya International Jazz Dance Showcase. She was also a participant in the 2009 Jazz Dance World Congress, conceptualizing and directing "Sabong", the House of Dance entry in the competition.

Mrs. Clarete was also a delegate in the Hong Kong Ballet Study Tour, 2009. She observed ballet, jazz and Chinese dance classes at the HK Academy of the Performing Arts, The Jean Wong School of Classical Ballet and at the City Contemporary Dance Company.

The Artistic Director

Mrs. Clarete leads the House of Dance in its collaborations with other dance studios. She coordinated and presented Dance Caravan 2008 in honor of World Dance Day.

Mrs. Clarete teaches hula and international folk dance classes, substitutes from time to time for jazz and ballet dance teachers who are absent, and, as part of the studio's community service, takes care of the Seniors Citizens social dance class. She is also in charge of conceptualizing and the artistic direction of all House of Dance programs.

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