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About Us

The Vision

We envision the House of Dance as one of the leading and most prominent dance studios within the country, while at the same time offering:

We also hope to establish and/or promote an exceptional team of dancers, the House of Dance Company, as the official performing team of the House of Dance in various dance-related fora.

The House of Dance further aspires to be a training ground for the next generation of dance educators.

The Mission

The House of Dance intends principally to promote a life-long love for dance as well as an appreciation for the performing arts. It primarily aims to develop the skills and talents of children, teens, adults and even senior citizens in the areas of jazz dance, ballet, contemporary dance, street dance, break dance, and other dance forms for professional, recreational, and social purposes at affordable costs.

The House of Dance hopes to accomplish these by:

The Goals

In the long term, the House of Dance hopes to establish a name in the national and international world of dance.

The House of Dance also envisions active participation in dance festivals around the world that aim to promote intercultural understanding through dance.

In the short term, the House of Dance dreams of growing and expanding its services in areas within the country where communities view dance training as a welcome and productive activity that both the young and the elderly can enjoy. It hopes to attain this by establishing branches in areas where dance training is most needed.

Our Partners

The House of Dance is a member of UNESCO'S Conseil International De La Danse (CID, or the International Dance Council).

The House of Dance is part of a growing family of studios utilizing the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (ACB) syllabus. It is also a member of the Philippine Association for the Advancement of Dance Studies (PAADS) and the Association of Ballet Academies of the Philippines (ABAP).

The House of Dance is a registered member of the Singapore ArtsFest Club. Upon the invitation of the Nagoya City Council, the House of Dance represented the Philippines in the Nagoya International Jazz Dance Showcase, where respected dance companies from Russia, Taiwan and Japan also performed. The House of Dance also passed the auditions for and represented the country in the Jazz Dance World Congress's (JDWC) Leo's Competitive Jazz Event, and was the sole Asian competitor.

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